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Who are we ?

Specialist in oxygen therapy, respiratory assistance, and medical equipment, OXYCARE offers a wide range of medico-technical services at home.

We are part of the SOS Oxygen Group which is a French company. We are home care providers and we have agencies worldwide but specially in the Caribbean (like Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana, Saint Barthelemy and Sint Maarten).

Since 1991, SOS OXYGENE has brought together all the skills to implement solutions adapted to the expectations of healthcare professionals and patients. Recognized as a specialist in oxygen therapy, respiratory assistance, and medical equipment, SOS Oxygene has naturally built its reputation in the world of Health thanks to attentive listening to patients and rigorous daily.

OXYCARE is a site created by enthusiasts and specialists in sleep apnea and chronic pathologies for 20 years.

Having sleep problems or a chronic illness leads to a reduction in physical activity, weight gain and a risk of withdrawal.

OXYCARE provides an answer to all your health and sleep problems with a team of specialized and dedicated advisers based in Sint Maarten.

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